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Concrete leveling, concrete lifting, slabjacking, or mudjacking refers to lifting slabs of concrete. The process has been around since the early 1900’s and uses hydraulic pressure to force  concrete slurry, also know as “mud”, underneath the slab to level the concrete.

“A lot of times people replace good concrete but it’s expensive and unnecessary, you can simply pump it up”.

“This process is completed underneath the concrete. To level concrete, we drill 1” holes in the slab. Next, a slurry of agricultural lime (an environmentally friendly product), known as “mud”, is injected underneath the slab to fill in the voids and bring the concrete back to it’s original height.”

Raisemaster Concrete Leveling is self contained. We carry our own supplies, including water, mud, electricity, and anything we need on our truck. Most jobs take just a few hours and can handle traffic soon after the job is completed.

The best part?

Leveling your concrete slabs can correct:

Your sidewalk, pool deck, driveway, patio, garage…

The concrete slab in your shopping center, business complex…

Anywhere there’s a tripping hazard, pooling water, or water seeping into your foundation. We can level your concrete back to the original height.