Concrete Leveling

Spring has sprung, and this past winter has taken a toll on our outside concrete.  Freeze and thaw has lifted or settled our driveways, patios, steps, etc.  What are we as homeowners to do? Replacing it cost too much, it is a tripping hazard to the elderly, and can be unsightly if trying to entertain on your patio.  Call Raisemaster Concrete Leveling,  we offer an alternative to replacement!  We would be happy to come out and provide a free estimate to level or raise your sunken concrete and return your driveway or patio back to it original height.   Some companies will come out and just provide the process of raising your concrete and leave,  in and out in a big hurry.  The process Raisemaster Concrete Leveling provides is a very thorough process.  We will first drill a series of holes in the concrete to "lift or raise" with the another series of holes to "support" the concrete.    If the concrete is "lifted or raised" without supporting it you are left with a void under the concrete that could allow the concrete to crack.  We then patch all our holes and clean up leaving you with a complete and clean jobsite.  Our crew of 2 operators take pride in their work and are proud to be a part of our team providing you with a sense of confidence that you were treated with the respect and proffesionalism you deserve.   Not sure if we'll come to your area?  We will gladly go where invited,  don't hesitate to call because you feel we may not travel to your location.  Flexible scheduling and payment options are available,  Cash, Check, Credit Cards are all accepted.