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Raise Master has upgraded their services!!

We have added a new rig to our fleet and now offer foam leveling services in addition to traditional mud-jacking.  Give us a call today and see how we can help with your sunken and uneven concrete concerns!

Sunken concrete problems!

Unfortunately for homeowners and property managers, concrete always settles over time. The freeze/thaw pattern, erosion, insufficient backfill, and tree roots all cause concrete slabs to move and sink. Sometimes this shifting is not significant, but often, sunken concrete can cause major problems. The following are common concrete problems:

Voids & Instability

Puddling & Icing

Trip Hazards

Poor drainage (towards foundation)


Sunken Concrete raising by Raisemaster Concrete Leveling, we cover a wide variety or areas including but not limited to: 

Stark County, Ohio     Summit County, Ohio

Wayne County, Ohio      Richland County, Ohio

Ashland County, Ohio    Portage County, Ohio

and many others,  not sure?  Give us a call.   Estimates are always free and work is gauranteed !

Don't Delay

Don't wait to have your Sunken Concrete raised.  Why wait till it's too late and not be able to enjoy your patio this summer.  Or take a chance of JR  tripping while walking down your sidewalk.  Raisemaster can come out and level your Sunken concrete in just a matter of  hours and have your party pad ready for action.  Call us today to schedule a free estimate !

Concrete Leveling

Spring has sprung, and this past winter has taken a toll on our outside concrete.  Freeze and thaw has lifted or settled our driveways, patios, steps, etc.  What are we as homeowners to do?

Local Company providing Local service

Concrete Leveling, a process of lifting or raising existing concrete without having to replace it.  We are a local comany from Holmes County, Ohio providing a cost effective soultion to concrete repair.  Some of our regular service areas include, but are not limited to are,  Wayne County, Ohio.  Stark County, Ohio,  Summit County, Ohio.  Richland County, Ohio.  Holmes County, Ohio.  and any surrounding counties.  Not sure if we'll work in your area?  Feel free to fill out our form submission page on our we site or give us a call.  330-767-3012 ! 

Here We Are !

If your looking for Concrete Leveling in Wooster, Ohio you have found the right company. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we strive to offer the best in service utilizing the most current equipment with a team of dedicated employees that will make your job easier. Some of the applications you could utilize our equipment but not limited to are;




Garage Floors



Swimming Pools


Tripping Hazard?

Uneven concrete a problem at your house or business making for a tripping hazard?  Call us for details on having it leveled, We cover a wide area of locations, from Wooster, Ohio to Mansfield, Ohio, from Cleveland, Ohio to Cambridge, Ohio  and all areas in between.  Not sure if we'll travel to your location?  Give us a call,  We'll be glad t go where ever were invited.  Call today, Raisemaster Concrete Leveling !

We're in your area, Look us up !

Sunken Concrete?  Uneven Concrete?  Be sure to check out Raisemaster Concrete Leveling website for more information.  Providing reliable, Fast, Dependable service for all areas, Akron, Canton, Wooster, Mansfield, Dover, New Philly,  Wayne County, Ohio.  Stark County, Ohio. Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Holmes County, Ohio. Richland County, Ohio.

Why not try us first !

Concrete leveling, concrete lifting, slabjacking, or mudjacking refers to lifting slabs of concrete. The process has been around since the early 1900’s and uses hydraulic pressure to force  concrete slurry, also know as “mud”, underneath the slab to level the concrete.

“A lot of times people replace good concrete but it’s expensive and unnecessary, you can simply pump it up”.